Trauma at Castle Fluffy Clouds

Woodleaf: Imagine my horror when I noticed the Goggle has blocked Castle Fluffy Clouds from appearing. Could it be due to that photoshopped photo of the funny little man with the fruit sticker, whom I am so obsessed with? (I always end my sentences with prepositions.) Debra Tate is obsessed with Leslie Van Houten, even thought she did NOT kill Sharon Tate. The New York Daily News has informed Us on the Eve of Manson demise, that Sharon Tate has changed her mind and cried tears upon Susan Atkin’s Death. The World has truly gone insane, Cracky. She has forgiven Susan, but not Leslie.

In the same way, the man with the fruit sticker obsesses me. Macy has a theory that when I marched myself up to his head quarters to interview him, they must of thrown me out. I made up the whole interview, but then I continued to campaign against him. I placed him inside Castle Fluffy Clouds with the other inmates, I mean prisoners, I mean people I had to lock up so they would not leave me. Did they find this Tiny Tailor to be funny? Does he bring delight to Castle Fluffy Clouds? He may killed my imaginary sister who lived on an imaginary street in San Francisco, that I made up using Goggle Maps. I guess not, since my sister is Imaginary, but I thought, since Nietzche has a sister, I should have a sister. As you know there has been a book about Nietzche and his sister.

Cracky: Book

Woodleaf: That is right, Cracky, book. You are such a smart parrot and such a good boy.

Ann: I think Cracky wants to write a book.

Woodleaf: That’s impossible! Cracky can’t write a book.

Ann: He can hold a pencil or a pen in his foot. I think we should leave him alone with pencils and pens that he can hold in his claw and some paper and see if he can write a book.

Woodleaf: If we leave him alone with the computer, he can type out of a book using his beak one key at a time! A brilliant idea, Ann. We will see what kind of book Cracky writes for us.

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