The Jungle Land Song

Woodleaf and Ann live in a large seaside home in San Diego

Rehearsal on the glass enclosed sun porch in San Diego with Woodleaf and Cracky

Jungle Book Land Song

Flora of the the Amazonian  jungle
Flora of the the Amazonian jungle

Woodleaf: Cue the dancing bears

Walking through forests of palm tree apartments. Scoff at the monkeys who live in their dark tents.

We came to the Jungle Book Land
to get away from the Four Fruits
But as it turned out the

Cracky: It’s not a Jungle.

Woodleaf: Shut up, Cracky, you will ruin the recording

Take it from the top.

(soft rhythmic drumming)

We came to the Jungle Book Land
Where the Barbaloo Bears play bongos
in their Bear Barbaloo Suits

Woodleaf: Stop, wait, cut

Suits rhymes with fruits
try to work in some way to blend suits with fruits in the lyrics

Bears, Growl Now

Woodleaf: Dramatic aside: I am liking the bears, but is there some way to turn off the pigs, chickens, cats, and dogs?

Growl, the Bears ate all our books
We forgot our history, so we

Cracky: Everyone forgets their History. Consider the California Indians

Woodleaf: Cracky, no more side comments. Stick to regular bird cries, you are throwing off my creative composure.

Bears, at the ready!

Growl, Dance, Flash Red Eyes

Cracky, Squawk Now

Ooga-chaka Ooga-chaka

Bring in George of the Swinging Vines

We have no Jungle, but there are some Trees

Poor George! He hit the tree again.

We came from the cities to live in the forest


Cracky: What does that mean?

Woodleaf: Its Turkish, for I don’t know what.

The cymbals cling, the triangles ting

It comes together a wonderful thing!


This sample is not Woodleaf’s Voice, it is the voice of a very obscure forgotten singer named Percival Dove. I did not have a sample of Woodleaf’s Voice, but I wanted the capture the spirit of the recording. Woodleaf frequently makes use of entire an Orchestra in his recordings with particular emphasis on the Triangle. He likes to conduct. But, only when he is not appropriating music, in which case he does not alter the tracks in anyway. The feeling of triumph as the piece of music begins to take shape is expressed in this clip. If you want to hear the whole song, you have to buy this record on Discogs or Ebay.

Woodleaf: Great Job, Cracky, Time to break for lunch

Lauren: Hopefully the piece will be finished soon. Rehearsal has not been going as smoothly as we hoped. The noise from the trash collection vehicle (land barge), has ruined our best take.

Ann: I always make my husband’s lunch.  He eats mashed potatoes for lunch, only the white ones. He only eats white foods. In the morning, he eats untoasted white bread with butter. I butter the bread for him. Sometimes the bread is too soft and the butter is too hard, and it falls apart and he gets mad.

Woodleaf: Stop it, Ann. you’re embarrassing me. Bring me a diet Coke.
My energy is lagging. Rehearsal is exhausting. The Bears are not growling on cue.

Woodleaf: second dramatic aside

Cracky wants to ship books to Neuva Germania, but I know that I never want to go there. The cost of shipping them and then allowing them to travel overland would be excessive. 

Lauren’s Note: When Woodleaf finally figured out that Neuva Germania was not a colony, he changed the wording on his Wikipedia Entry to settlement, but then it forgot to proof read the rest of the article. He still refers to it as a colony in another part of the document, as June 15, 2018.

Woodleaf declares the word colony sounds better. If the Government of Germany had been behind the settlement and funded it, then it would have been a colony. It makes Woodleaf happy to imagine it was a colony. We don’t want to shatter his illusions, so we draw close a curtain and depart into the night.


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