David Bowie Psychedelic Concert

David Bowie’s Psychedelic Concert

Date of Dream April 13, 2013

I dreamed I went a David Bowie concert. He was as old as he was, in 2013 and had gained weight, and he wore a lot of makeup. And because of this, Bowie was shy about his appearance, so the people had to view him from behind a screen and a prism that fractalized and broken geometric pieces. I watched all the beautiful colors and listened to the music. I could see the colors of the sounds of the music. It was the most amazing concert, that one could ever hope to attend due to the modified image of Bowie. However, I became curious to see him as he really was so I moved over to the side of the stage and I was able to see him. He did a different costume for every song and I could also see his one eye that had dilated pupil, and it was a different color.

During the concert we were all given small vitals of colored liquid to drink that contained psychedelic drugs. Each vital was a different color and some were bigger or smaller with greater or less amounts of liquid which was in different shapes of impossibly bright colors, but then some were a bit muddy in color. We were supposed to pass them along until everyone got one. The one I ended up with was big and had more it was a bit muddy and I only drank half of it, saving the second half for later.

Some guy in the audience picked a fight with me, he was short and dark haired. I tried to just make him go away since I did not feel like fighting.

Bowie really cared about his audience. In between songs he would address the audience warmly and say encouraging things to us. The song were all good, but nothing I had ever heard before was played and I can not duplicate the songs or remember any of the lyrics now, that the dream is over. I did not focus on the songs and lyrics as much, just the colors of the psychedelic show. The idea of the show was to bring everyone together in peace and love.

The Second Dream about David Bowie


I was renting a hotel suite to David Bowie, I showed him the lower level or basement. He was young like he was in the 70s, not the aging hipster of the 80s or they really old guy that he was at that time. He agreed to stay there and after a few days, I thought this was not good enough for him. I walked through and we looked and considered each chair and piece of furniture and I pointed out what was wrong with them. I found fault in every piece and he agreed. Then I suggested he could move first to the upper level penthouse and we were considering it, but then I decided he should move to the middle because the sound quality would be best in the middle as if this was a concert hall. The tour he was doing was called the Slice of Life Tour and the symbol or logo of the tour was a fruit with a big piece cut out of it. Like an melon or orange, different fruits, and the idea was to take a bite out of life and stop being depressed.

December 27 2016

The clawed foot of a dinosaur or a bird was black. One of the nails ripped open the black fabric and created the black hole. The black hole was endless and unfillable. But, in my dream there was still hope. David Bowie was still alive, and he was planning a concert in San Francisco. This very special concert would bring all people together in love and harmony with each other. The fabric would be tapped up and then healed. But, when I woke up David Bowie was still dead.

david bowie

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