Fish and Wildlife

And so you see Cracky, when I uploaded “My Story” about G (as in Gee, you have a really big head) and I uploaded a video of her large, fat, square-shaped head on my website at Planet Juniper, (I had tricked a bunch of senile old people into allow me to use their name so I could and would upload the most offensive of content, but no one would know it was me.) The only people who bothered to go to the website where Macy and her friends. They noticed my abuse of the stupid, fat headed woman, and so they posted abusive posts on the guest book on my North Korea page on the Juniper website. Macy saved “my story” and the video of the woman in which I made her say that Nueva Germanians had to eat human flesh. It was a leg to be exact, and Macy has all of this saved in case anyone wants to debate the videos existence.
I guess they thought what had posted was pretty funny. So, I took down the guest book. My presence only generated negative comments. So, I banned all comments from everything possible. My reputation grew so notorious, that not one single person ever leaves a comment about me at all now. If someone left a comment on Amazon about my book, they would have to use their name and Amazon ID and that would too reputation destroying. Even my DVD only has one Amazon Comment which says “Not very good”. No one says anything about me, because I am such a terrible negative guy with such a vicious capacity for revenge, that I posted Macy’s Home Address on Wikipedia because she dared to suggest that Mengele did not live in Nueva Germania. I really wanted Mengele to live there, because I hate the Four Fruits. And I know if I just say something enough it will become accepted, such as when I claimed the Dreamachine was there on Kurt Cobian Death Scene. I wrote about it to you in a email Cracky, its all there in my out of print book, which Macy also owns. The book is a goldmine of all of my outrageousness, and even more that Macy did not about. She had no idea I was trying to get the daughter to marry you. She has only heard I was going to take her to North Korea for some festival to celebrate Juche. I stole the material about North Korea that Macy’s friend Tony has collected and put in on my website and tried to sell Video CDs of North Korean Footage. I wrote up a descriptive catalog with words like inspired by Kate Moss. I thought it was very cleaver, because of people who were starving. I had promised to compensate him, but I lied. I guess, they had reason to be angry at me. I had written a story to insult Macy’s Father on my website. I was really angry, the story was very long. I just kept their heads ringing with a constant barrage of insults. I posted everything I could think to insult them on my website at Planet Juniper. But, at the same time I refused to make up, and talk over problems. I only wanted to insult them. The people who agreed with me, I posted praise for them. I called them Royal Colonial Blue Bloods. Nueva Germania is not even a Colony. And now I am a whining baby who doesn’t want anymore postings after I started the whole thing.

The doorbell rings

Outside the door is Fish and Game.

“Open up! this is Fish and Game, we have a warrant to claim the illegal parrot from the Amazon.”

They took Cracky.

Woodleaf: Tragic Music “Oh why, Oh Cracky, you were my only friend.” Tears.

Greek Chorus: “Did you hear, Woodleaf co-wrote a book with his pet parrot. He made up all the parts the parrot wrote. Parrots can’t actually write, at least not in English.”

“Yes, it is sad, he is so very delusional.”

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