Woodleaf: You see, Cracky, when someone like agrees to backup my imaginary projects and jokes, I reward them. I give them praise in print on my website Planet Juniper. I know that they feel this makes it worth saying and doing stupid and ridiculous things. For example, the time I told the mother I was going to marry her daughter to you, Cracky, and she was only twelve?  Child molesting is sure to offend everyone, and if someone seems like they can’t be offended I pull out child molesting. It’s so funny. ( There was the time I held Macy prisoner and demanding she procure me Catholic School Boys. I don’t why that upset her, it was such a minor issue.) I can’t believe that G. is suing our publisher, and now our book is out of print. But, I checked the publisher’s website, Cracky. And to think this woman invited me into her home, and she has children. That is why I figured she would be too stupid to have a clue about anything at all. She must of had someone to help her. It was the Four Fruits. They always hated me and I them. Well, that is it for me Cracky, Goodnight Sweet Prince.

PS I wrote this really funny “thing” where we go to South American and molest children. I guess it won’t upset if I upload it and use your real name? I mean it just a fiction, and it is sure to really upset Macy and that would be good. I like upsetting Macy. I don’t why she has not quit me yet. So, I wrote some snuff porn about some missing girl just to upset Macy. Everything I do I do with the eye as how much will Macy hate it before I do it.

Cracky: I don’t know. I am just a parrot. I am sure as the human in this relationship, you will make the right choice. You always do. How can a girl marry a parrot, anyway? They had to know it was a joke. I mean I am really a parrot. I eat sunflower seeds, and fly around the room if you let me out of the cage.

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