Woodleaf: You see, Cracky, when someone agrees to back my imaginary projects and jokes, I reward them. I give them praise in print on my website Planet Juniper. I know that they feel this makes it worth saying and doing stupid and ridiculous things.

I like upsetting Macy. I don’t know why she has not quit me yet.  Everything I do, I do with the eye as how much will Macy hate it before I do it.

When something negative happens, I used to assume the Four Fruits were responsible for turning the people, whom I wished to collaborate with against me. But, I have changed Cracky. That was a long time ago. I have become a kinder gentler man.

Cracky: I don’t know. I am just a parrot. I am sure as the human in this relationship, you will make the right choice. I mean I am really a parrot. I eat sunflower seeds, and fly around the room, if you let me out of the cage.

Woodleaf: There was the case of the Soprano who sung on one of the records. Cracky, Would you believe, when I placed her in a Lionized position on Planet Juniper she changed her name, gave up singing and  moved to Europe to become a nanny. Will these indignations never stop?  You even changed your name, Cracky, on Facebook. So, I decided I would change also. More changes are coming Cracky. Just wait and see how my story changes.

A strange prediction made by Macy on July 17, 2004, unfortunately came truth. I had misled Macy into thinking that this event had occurred in the past. She did not catch on to my joke until years later. If statements made about future events comes true, can it even be called a prediction later on, when the “prediction” was a mere statement of fact?

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