The Four Seasons Newsletter

The Four Seasons Quarterly Newsletter is a newsletter which keeps interested readers informed on all things Woodleaf in nature. As the name implies, it is published four times a year. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. The newsletter keeps people informed on all the seasonal events at Castle Fluffy Clouds. Castle Fluffy Clouds is located high on a mountain top, so it’s literally in the clouds. The large property has landscaping and Woodleaf likes to pretend that he is renting out apartments there. When people go to Castle Fluffy Clouds they can’t see any apartments.  So Woodleaf writes fake Yelp Reviews which claim the apartments are in the back, where no one can see them for increased privacy. He plays around with the website from time to time, but it looks as if he has neglected it for years. He removes the entries about the orgies, and then puts them back in. What does it matter if no one reads these entries? He feels he can either leave it in or keep it out without anyone caring or noticing. Macy, my new PR is sure to hate these entries, so I guess I will keep them in, he thinks.

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