Review of the Mr. Robot Book

  1. ROBOT: Red Wheelbarrow:

by Sam Esmail  and Courtney Looney

A book companion to the Mr. Robot TV series

Background Info

(minor spoilers will not give away the plot, keep reading if you want)


Spoilers: Who is Mr. Robot?


Mr. Robot is a hallucination of Elliot’s dead father.

Elliot loses time and becomes Mr. Robot.

When he loses time he does things that cause destruction mostly cyber hacking.

If we go back to the first episode of the show, Elliot is shown black mailing a man who did something bad online. Later I began to wonder if that was Mr. Robot. Elliot is a very nice low key guy who does not do violence or confront others, but when he assumes the Mr. Robot identity he can take aggressive actions. He can’t control when he is Mr. Robot. Elliot takes a lot of Ritalin attempting to banish Mr. Robot, but he only overdoses. Maybe he needed a more managed approach to a cure; for example taking a small dosage daily long term? But, if Elliot’s issues were solved then it would be a drama.

Should you read this book?

The Mr. Robot book is hand written instead of a printed text. I pre ordered it, so I did not know this, or I may not have bought it. Handwriting is a pain to read. It also has passengers written by Mr. Robot and red pen notes by Elliot’s therapist. It spins away from the actually series into an obsession with a transgender inmate named Hot Carla. At one point everything is so unbelievable, that I decided that Hot Carla is likely a hallucination that is happening to Elliot, due to some kind of trick that Mr. Robot is playing on him. This is one of those post modern books with an unreliable narrator, but its not up to par with a quality post modern book. The book reads like a cheap McDonalds version of a post modern book. If you really want to read great post modern read David Foster Wallace and Donald Barthelme. If you love the show Mr. Robot and you want a fun training wheels type book, then go for this book.

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