Hardware Store Gate

Unbeknownst to Woodleaf, the friend whom Macy was with in the hardware store was a woman with money, who just needed a man to share it with. Because Woodleaf refused to say hello, and walked away in a rapid pace he never got to meet her, and now it’s too late to meet her. It would have been the ideal time to make an introduction.

censored data

But, Woodleaf was so busy in his delusional world, planning things that would make him famous. He had already found (a best friend) someone whom he could ride on his coattails to fame. He failed to realize there are things more important than being famous.

Befriending a murder serving a life sentence would add greatly to his imaginary clout. Maybe people would be afraid of the murderer? But, a life sentence means no chance to get out of prison, unless the murdered had some other type of influences on the outside.

Steffie was a girl, who lived in Canada, and had some connection to Nueva Germania. Unlike Woodleaf Steffie has actually been there, and had real photos to prove it.

But befriending Macy that was not even going to grant Woodleaf anything that he wanted. He did not want good advice on social media which was all Macy could do in her role as Media Rep.

“No more Fruit Cake,” said Woodleaf, “I’m watching my waistline.”

(Fruit Cake is like Advice)

Which bring us to the story of the Candy Coded Generals the Four Fruits.

What did they eat on, dinnerware?

“This is all your fault!” screamed, Macy losing her temper one day, and throwing one of the ceramic dinnerware plates at Woodleaf. “All of it was your fault, I did everything I could do. But, you dug yourself deeper and deeper into the vast media black pit. It’s too late to repair it, so there is nothing else to do but to throw insults back and forth electronically.”

Author Here: And if you follow the story you will get more of the same.

It was not so much about Woodleaf either, it was about what fate had befallen Macy due to Woodleaf refusing her Fruit Cake. She had every reason to be bitter and upset.

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