A Ray of Hope

Times and dates became all confused, it seems like just a short time ago, Woodleaf had written some new music for his band/group/project Placid. So, what happened to that release? All that was due to come out now was moldy oldies, that no one would want to buy or listen to, ever. Macy made a point of never listening. She might click on one, but not listen, just click on and click it right off then go to the next one. Because she did not want to get anything stuck in her mind that she could maybe not unstick, and she would be forced to replay the song or musical piece in her mind over and over like a slow dripping water torture. The more Macy wanted to advise Woodleaf the worse things got, she encouraged the new release, and just to spite her, he only planned to release the Moldies. So, here we have a set of recordings that she Macy will not listen to if they are released, and now they are not going to be released. They probably don’t actually exist anyway, because some said Woodleaf had lost the ability to create music to the permanently mind altering effects for certain substances. See Burt Bacharach’s Wikipedia, this is really important. Look up suicide by Nitrous. See lack of oxygen affect on the brain for slowing down creativity. Look up what happens to people with autism when they are cut off from their anchor person.

What was going on with Dr. Locust and Lani? There had been some sort of big blow up on facebook.

Why can’t we all get along thought Macy? She wanted to go it alone. The thing is nobody wants to take advice and people want to give it. Maybe because they don’t know what else to say or do, and they want CONTACT with people. Advice was like a fruit cake. Church, she was going to Church first thing tomorrow, but she always said that to herself.

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