Monica moved to Hawaii

I found out Monica had moved to Kauai. I was there with a male friend of hers, who I never met, who was good looking, but he was only a friend. She looked great. We both looked great. He looked great. We were on the beach, we took a long walk and talked about how we had known each other before, and what we did and why we came here. He said, I did not remember him.

But I could piece out a memory (that never existed of him), of which I have a photo of them together, she was hanging out with him. He said, I said, I did not like him. But the memory was of him was good, therefore, I did like him.

So, we discussed this, and the sun was setting, I realized I did not have my camera, it was back in the car. I just wanted to get my camera before the sunset was over to take a photograph of this perfect day on the beach. There was a gray stone type of walkway that over looked the beach. We walked on, and could always see the view from this walkway. Then the beach park, then the garden part, as Kauai is the garden island.

Monica was doing great, just existing having fun everyday, without having to work. All I needed to do was get the camera, in the black case. We agreed to walk back to the car, and get it. It was like Monica had moved up to heaven, somehow this was like heaven would be. I knew it not heaven and really Hawaii, although I should have be suspicious this was too good to be real. The thought never crossed my mind, that she was really dead, and I was visiting her in heaven instead of Hawaii.  I wanted to never leave, but I had to go as this was my last night in Hawaii. My vacation was over, and I would have to go back to work as a media rep. I told them, this was my last night here, and it was so perfect.

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