Leave the Pitch In

Preface to the Pitch

Macy says:

As a Libra I like to weigh things so I have two options leave the pitch in or take it out. If I leave it in what will consequences be? A: Nothing

There is no difference, so if I leave it in. It’s not like the pitch makes any difference otherwise, either way, if I never wrote it or not or did or not, so what is my very stoned motivation here in this scene? Due to some highly complicated rule that was never explained, and I never figured out?

The Pitch, I was thinking about it last night. If it was not for the fact, that I assure at the time, that it was not really The Pitch, but used the same url as the pitch, but rather Juniperhills masquerading as the pitch. I never would have left those comments, and when I did I felt that perhaps it was really was the Pitch or perhaps this was just a contest of wills. He would not delete those comments, so I would be fooled and think it was really the Pitch. However, someone did eventually delete those comments, but then the entire post was removed once I tried to cite in on Wikipedia.

Nothing can be believed, everything could be a joke, each location, photo or video a goof, each person a fake person, with a false profile, unless there is some kind of video of that person talking and identifying themselves as the named person.A video saying a person X and I and here with person Y and here we are together and I approve of everything that this person Y is saying, is the only thing that cannot be faked.

When trying to create these deceptions, it is easy to find a photo of a person online and use that photo, what is hard is finding other photos of the same person again, unless one find a person who uploads many photos of them themselves somewhere and all the photos can be stolen and released at will. It helps to have a family member or roommate.  You can arrange new photo shots. Then you have your media files ready to go and get your imaginary person, an email, then you open then up a facebook and a twitter creating details about them, as their birthday, you upload the photos you found online or borrowed or took. The person’s name is of course different, and they will never know as you create that person’s identity and reputation you add some friends to the profile, over time the profile will look more and more legit, but it can be all fake. This is above an ugly person swapping out a more beautiful person for themselves, this is a whole new person, and you will want to have several new persons, they all are connected on social media or maybe some are and some are not. Then you have these fake people give rave reviews to your artist project or your restaurant or whatever it is you want. Like I bought Lucky Rocks from person Y and my luck totally changed for the better. Or I bought his music CD and it was really great, and you fake reviews of books. You can give them a fake pet and a fake house exterior and a fake interior of the house, by finding photos, and a fake job or a fake college degree, that people can really come to life. No one would dare to doubt it publically, as you would say, of course person X is not fake, look at how filled out the profile is with so many pictures and friend and comments from friends. What about the Immorality Bracelet?

Then you really take it up a notch, you say, I am so busy, famous, and important that I refuse to answer messages from the general public riff raff, but of course all of your fake people are accessible. This forces the person trying to get in touch with you to message one of your fake people and say, “I would like to get in touch with person X.” This forces the victim to be even more a victim right off the bat before they even get in the starting gate. First they have to email the fake person, and of course you get all the messages sent to the fake person, so then you write back them as the fake person to decide if they are worthy of talking to you. Then if all goes well, you may lower yourself to communicate with the riff raff instead they are actually a producer or someone who you want to talk to.

Macy strongly disapproves of this and never has and never will write to any fake person. If she did, she would write with the assumption that the person was you. It is better to be not fooled and be wrong, then to be fooled. But, how has Macy fooled you? Did you ever stop and think about how much of Macy is real and how much of Macy is it fake? Does Macy use fake people?


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