Sears on Geary

A long time ago, before Sears went out of business on Geary and Macy was in high school, there was an appliance Salesman who looked very similar to Macy’s father. She developed a habit of going there and watching him from afar because she had no means to buy any thing like a dishwasher. Macy and her mother lived in Park Merced where all the appliances were build it. But, she determined if she was ever in a position to buy anything like that, she could ask him. She was convinced he was a relative or else the complete twin of her father. She never saw him up close and never spoke to him. He was never aware of her. Then one day, he was gone. He must have retired. And Macy spend the next 30 years of her existence wondering what would of happened if she had not been so shy. He has to be dead by now. “Why was I so incredibly stupid?” she thought. Macy had a lack of personality and would not take any initiative. She thinks back and she recalls her father using the words with her when she was a little girl. Don’t take initiative. Why? Because a lady does not take initiative? Because if she did it herself, it would be likely to turn out wrong? But, if he had been alive at the time, she could of asked her father to talk to the salesman. In the double and triple unfair ironies of life, he father never taught her Italian. Italian would have been the ice breaker. Macy could have addressed him in Italian. That would have given her confidence. Macy needed constant reassurances to complete even a simple task. If she had been really smart, she could have said, “My older sister needs to buy a dishwasher, and I am shopping for her,” but she had no confidence to pull of even a simple con or tell a lie. The aliens told her she was stupid, and would never be able to pull something like that off. The aliens told her she was heading for disaster, and speaking to him would create a worse future. What if he got mad at her? That would worse then never knowing. The risk was too great.

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