A short story

Chad’s story

A friend of Macy’s named Chad wrote to her.

I am writing to you about my experiences. I did a lot role playing games on the Internet. I saw a message on the Starbucks broad, the coffee of the day was “Bold”. I took this to mean I must be bold in my actions.

I met a girl on line, who invited me to stay at her house, so I caught a bus to Canada. Because the girl’s father was in the Hell’s Angels (or for some other reason), I was marked for destruction.

I was in the coed restroom, when this girl appeared and she looked exactly like another girl from Indiana who I knew from role playing. I could see that they had sent her to entrap me in a phony rape charge. Other girls had been sent, but I avoid them, it was unless to try and trick me. But, since this girl was pretending to me (the other girl), I became confused. After she left, I was more paranoid than ever.

At the time of my visit to Canada, I was writing a paper called method of control. All I had written was on a single piece of paper, but that was accidentally lost. I did not feel the loss of this paper to be a coincidence.  I want someone to study my brain waves because I don’t believe I have schizophrenia, but I been brainwashed, because the voice first appeared after the incident with the girl who looked like the girl from Indiana. The voice could be male or female at different times, but was always very logical. It tried to take credit for my ideas. It said, I was worthless and tortured me nonstop.

I began to have strange dreams at night that were sometimes terrifying like nightmares. I would wake up suddenly in terror, or feel like I was falling. Other times, in my dreams, I questioned a number of people looking for answers about the conspiracy, in which I have been entangled.

I could walk for hours just thinking about stuff, when someone or something would interrupt my train of thought I felt very annoyed at them. This women in the park kept yelling at her dog, and I got so mad, I yelled at her, not even caring that I probably sounded like an insane person, at the time.

Another time I was in a grocery store and there was this bear with honey inside which fell to the ground and broke. I knew the security cameras were watching me. I also knew I had been set up. They escorted me out of the store. I think the bear with the honey was a message, that it was trying to tell me something.

Since I did not have a car, a bicycle would have been useful, but the weather was bad. The question was would I then be hit by a car?

I decided to continue to head up North and commune with those Eskimo totem poles. I had a Parole Officer who seemed to be still talking to me and telling me I was no good, and would have to keep on the move. What if my other enemies talked to others who disliked me, and then got in touch with others, a whole history of people who disliked me, and they all got together and selected this man to approach me and destroy me? It look like it was a random occurrence.

Things like this always turned out badly, in fact, the more tried to make things better the worse they got. And it always worked out this way.  I was scared of other things, was the government watching me, because of him? I should be more low key, in that case, take no foolish risks by taunting the government. I used to believe things could work out, but after so many years of disappointment, I had given that dream up. Time travel, what about that? Plus, I could never live up to the expectations of any authority figure.

I met an older woman, at a laundry mat and I somehow talked her into letting me crash at her place. She was an old hippy who seemed really out of it. Her place was a mess. Her cats seemed to be looking at me a funny way.

I tried to call the girl from Indiana but she changed her number on me. This caused the voices to be even louder than usual. The weather was cold and that made it even more depressing. I decided there was nothing to do but return home.



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