What to do with all of this Data?

Forensic Analysis of the Past by Macy Grant
Macy has a file on her computer about Chandra Levy that she never listens to. She may have heard it once or twice. Is it fake or a hoax? Why would Woodleaf suggest that someone (who is not to be named) date her mother? At the time Macy was feeling a little bit sick from realizing that Tony was saying and doing everything wrong, but hers was not to judge others. I could see that is was a very bad idea to ask Woodleaf for connections about meeting women. It would only highlight and by this imply that Woodleaf did not have a lot of women lined up to meet, and that the single life especially if one is as old as Woodleaf or Macy is not a trilling ride of fun. The best place to meet people would be a bar. The next best place would be an AA meeting. But, I just hoped that Woodleaf would be big enough to be understanding. Naturally I had mentioned all of these things, and only that there are many anime and gaming conventions, there are groups on Meetup. There are so many place to meet women or men if one can be reasonable nice to people, and have some courage to go out and meet them. The worst way to meet people is online where one spends a of time and energy without every meeting the person in real life.

After watching 20/20 on Chandra Levy, Macy tried to write down the idea for her story Forensic Analysis of the Past, but in the morning, once again, it did not live up to its potential as a story. Here are Macy’s notes. 1




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