Rockos Modernes Leben Übersetzer gesucht

filbertcropIch möchte jemanden finden, der ein Fan der Show Rocko’s Modern Life ist, aber die deutsche Version ist Rockos modernes Leben. Diese Person interessiert sich für den Handel Skripte für die Show. DVDs von ihnen haben keine Untertitel. Ich könnte eine englische Übersetzung anbieten, wenn diese Person eine deutsche Übersetzung bereitstellen könnte. Ich könnte auch Geld für die Übersetzungen zahlen, denke ich, aber es würde mehr Spaß machen, einen anderen Fan zu finden, dem ich helfen kann.I would like to find someone who is a fan of the show Rocko’s Modern Life, but the German version is Rockos modernes Leben.

This person would be interested in trading scripts for the show. I have both sets DVDs. They have no subtitles. I could provide an English Translation if that person could provide a German Translation.  I was a fan of  Rocko’s Modern Life in the 90s. And I had a German pen pal of sort who I got to tape me a few episodes on VHS. That was when I started using tapes to help with my German Learning, but I had only four episodes to work with. The three I used were The Evil Plan, April Fool’s, and Grandma Rockco. The fourth episode was one I did not like, so I did not work on that one. I had a German Tutor who lived in the Castro. He was really great, but he was a native English Speaker. This is why I know a lot of German today, but I can’t really speak it, but I worked mainly on understanding and reading, not really much on speaking as there was no one to talk to. I could also pay money for the translations, I guess, but it would more fun to find another fan who I can help out. Right now, I listen to the show first in English and then follow up with the episodes in German. Most of them I have not even seen once yet, but Wacky Deli as I recall was another one of my favorites. We would not have to do them all just the ones we liked best.

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