Bee Girl is aging in Prison

While Bee Girl rots away in prison, Chess Master is content to stay in the house, playing chess with himself, surfing the internet, and talking to his magic chess set. He is pleased that Little Bear is now speaking to him again. He likes Little Bear better then the other chess pieces, because Little Bear is more optimistic and encouraging. The Queen acts like a worried Mother, wringing her hands, and wondering what will become of him. The King is a dour, sullen Father, with nothing but criticism. But, Little Bear believes in him. For example when he succeeds in purchasing a pair of sneakers, Little Bear compliments him on his uncanny footwear instinct.

“Why, thank you, Little Bear,” he replies.

Hours later Chess Master realizes, that Little Bear is probably being sarcastic, so he ask him what he means.

“Well, I find it uncanny, that you are able to select any shoes at all, considering that all you do is play chess all day. That is the only thing you really do well,” says Little Bear, carefully.


Chess Master really does play chess well, and he was a champion, but now he is afraid to compete and rarely leaves his house. He has all his food delivered.

I really don’t want to go out, Chess Master thinks. Spies from the Organization might see me, and read my mind, and then they would laugh at me.

His only true love is Bee Girl, he is waiting for her to get out. She will be up for parole in five years.

As Bee Girl sits in prison, she has lots of time to think about why this happened.

“Why did I ever like that Cartoon Artist? Why did I go to his book signing? Why did I give him a drawing? Why did he rip it up?  I could have married Chess Master, and lived a nice boring life?” she wails to herself.

But, she hopes Chess Master will get her out of prison. She wants to escape because she is not getting any younger.

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