Heidi Many Hats


Heidi Many Hats
Her Story

I met David Woodleaf underneath the Space Needle.
He convinced me to stop trying to sell smallish hats.
Instead (my new purpose) is to sell hats shaped like the Dreamachine
Hats shaped like the dream machine will sell better than smallish hats or jaunty footwear.
Dreamachine hats are made from authentic Quaker Oats canisters with handsome chin straps.
My future url will be dreamachinehats.com
There is a recognition problem resulting from a beer company using the name Dreamachine Magic Hat.
(Magic Hat Dream Machine IPL a India Style Lager beer by Magic Hat Brewing Company)
My hats are not magic, but they could be if you provide the magic.
The business model will in production as soon as we can get Funding.
David Woodeaf wants to have them produced in South America.
I am against outsourcing.

We will see what develops.

many hats


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