Jem meets Ace Freely Dream

Jem meets Ace Freely and they decide to team up and do a concert together.

Jem from the cartoon show, Jem and the Holograms was a real person, making a live action show, and Jerrica was a different actress who was never at all shown or pictured in the dream. So, she was Jem all the time, day and night. She had a pink dress like but not with the belt she wore, it had a more modern look, being just a straight hot pink dress and she had pink hair obviously and it was natural, there were no roots, or else just a very good wig. She was older then the age she should of been like maybe 30 instead of 21 or 22.

Ace Freely was involved in the making of this film which was concert footage and live action, but Ace continued to use drugs. The sort of drugs that left him brain damaged to the point in which he had run out of drug,s and he was burning those thin white plastic shopping bags to get high off the fumes. The bag were near by on fire, and he would take hit after hit on them while he was playing his guitar.

Jem wanted him to stop using drugs naturally, in keeping with her sort of goodie goodie theme that she exemplified through the cartoon. But, she had anorexia, and of course huge chest implants to go with that. Some sort of female managers voice, which could have been the equivalent of Synergy, told her to starting eating more. She said, “I don’t eat avocados.” Jem started eating over came her anorexia, but when she took off the heavy stage make up that she wore, her was very covered with fine lines. The “fine lines” were in fact deep, giving her an extremely aged appearance, older then she should of been more like 70 or 80 in terms of the lines, but her face was not sagging. She just looked like a mutant very unreal.

Jem’s band called Jem and not Jem and the Holograms. She did not have any hologramic powers. She was just this thin middle aged woman with huge implants, wigs and heavy make up. I realized she had become Tori Spelling, and not really like Jem, but the over all theme was she was trying to sing and do a good concert performances. I was aware that her singing and speaking voice were different in the cartoon, but she was all one person with the same voice in singing and speaking.

Piazza also had a different singing character voice and speaking, but the Misfit never made in into the dream at all. We were following Jem’s adventures touring, and sometimes checking in with Ace to see if he would be willing to stop inhaling plastic, but he just took all the more drugs. With everyone telling him, he was rebelling against all the good advice and eventually he could not or would not stop due to the part of his brain that controls the ability to stop was damaged. Furthermore the ability to see enough is enough and when it is time to stop was also ruined.

Post Script to the dream:
At the time I was not even aware of the controversial double SS on the Kiss Logo. Form watching You Tube Videos I discovered a deeply buried fact, that no one wants to talk about. According to a blog I read Ace once dressed up as a SS Officer and went over to Gene’s hotel room because he thought it would be funny. Gene is Jewish and it was certainly not funny. What I had read and remembered was Gene saying he had saved Ace’s life by coming to his hotel room and pulling him out of drug induced over doses. My opinion has always been that Ace and Chris should be allowed back into the band for old time’s sake. I don’t care for seeing Kiss with any new replacements. (Keep things like their were in the 70’s.) Not that I would see Kiss at any rate as it would likely be too loud. But, I learned there was a reunion tour in which Gene claims Ace showed up late to concerts and upset him so much that he (being a control freak) felt that he could not continue having Ace in the band. Gene Simmons was an attractive man very early in Kiss but he gained too much weight. His costume was redesigned with a breast plate to try and balance the excess weight. When Gene became middle-aged I found to be the most repulsive looking of the four men. My favorite Kiss album is Dressed to Kill, and after that I found that I liked the subsequent music much less enjoyable other then I Was Made for Lovin’ You which was their disco song. I probably should make this a separate post about Kiss but Ace Freely is my favorite member of Kiss so maybe it stays this way?

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