Five Years Dream

Five Years Dream

I was dreaming in terms refinements in the literary style known as Oulipo. I had just read a book called Life a User’s Manual by Georges Perec. Oulipo imposes a series of constrains on a piece of writing.

I was a girl who was 16. But, she was not really me. I was watching her, but I was her. It was like watching myself be someone else. I would think what she was thinking, but I was sometimes I was with others in the story or watching them.

This girl was 16, and she would spend 5 years of solitary confident in which she would have only one hamster as a friend or pet. If the hamster died in the five years she could not get another one. There was a series of refinements involving her imprisonment, but yet I was plotting what she could do to get out earlier. She did not know, it had to be five years. This number was selected so she would be 21 when she got out. They were doing an experiment. She has a giant habit trail to live in with things like hamster wheel, a living area, a sleeping area and a book nook and other things to do. The prison was located underground, but she could see light from above when she looked up, as if it was a sky light.

The girl was thrown in prison for refusing to do something she was supposed to do. She thought if she agreed to do it, she could get out, but she could not. There were other 16 year olds who were also put in the habit trails, but we knew very little about them, other than they existed. She did many things to entertain herself, but once she had done them all she got bored. She started to plan and plot how to get out. She did not get out, and the dream ended.

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