The Beaches of San Francisco Dream

The Beaches of San Francisco Dream

In this dream, a lady came up to me to say, that this cute guy, whom I liked wanted me to show him all the Beaches of San Francisco, He had just moved here, but when he arrived he had a girl friend or a wife. They wanted me to show them all the beaches, because I was a native. I was disappointed, but I tried to be cheerful, and I showed them the beaches. But each time we arrived at a beach, there was some reason why they did not want to go down to the beach. They said, they were just learning about the beaches for future reference. I kept trying to convince them to just go down to one of the beaches. It was a beautiful weather. I had some many reasons why they needed to go to a beach. I kept giving them my happy sale pitch.

Later, I found out instead of wanting beaches, they only wanted to know the names of informants. I was spy. There were three beaches, I tried to show them Baker Beach, Ocean Beach, and China Beach, but each beach was instead the name of an informant. They held me prisoner. We were on board a yacht, and they said, you have given us the names of five informants, so give us the names of two more, or we will do you serious bodily damage. Somehow, the names of the three beaches, had become five, but they are no more beaches in San Francisco. We had been using the Yacht to sail around, as well as we sometimes drove around the city.

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