Shannon Doherty Dream

November 7, 2011

In this dream I was a guest on Shannon Doherty talk Show. I know she never had a talk show, but it was a dream. We sat down and talked about everything. I was able to talk Shannon out of getting that tattoo on her leg with logic. I told her, I liked to change things around a lot, and I could not commit to one tattoo, I showed her how to get temporary tattoos, so she could change them. She agreed to wear the temporary tattoo on her leggins in a little pouch hidden. It was not clear if she was Shannon or Lauren McCabe. Both of them are Irish.

People would send her cats every show because they thought she was a cat lady. We opened the box of cats last. One cat was big and blue and he just jumped on my lap and started to purr. He was older and overweight, but I really wanted to keep him. I was thinking about how I could get away with keeping him, when the other cat was brought to my attention, he was a younger thinner male who was brownish with strips, and he had some grass fox tails on his short fur. I tried to take them out or some of the attendants who were young men, that Shannon had on the show were assistances. They were doing it while I was still holding the big blue male cat. We did lots of things as part of the show. Shannon and I went to places like beaches and amusement parks while the camera crew filmed us. I think this would be something great to do now with Shannon Doherty. I want lots of documentation of her.

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