Shannon Doherty Dream

November 7, 2011

In this dream I was a guest on Shannon Doherty talk Show. I know she never had a talk show, but it was a dream. We sat down and talked about everything. I was able to talk Shannon out of getting that tattoo on her leg with logic. I told her, I liked to change things around a lot, and I could not commit to one tattoo, I showed her how to get temporary tattoos, so she could change them. She agreed to wear the temporary tattoo on her leggings in a little pouch hidden.

People would send her cats every show because they thought she was a cat lady. We opened the box of cats last. One cat was big and blue and he just jumped on my lap and started to purr. He was older and overweight, but I really wanted to keep him. I was thinking about how I could get away with keeping him, when the other cat was brought to my attention, he was a younger thinner male who was brownish with strips, and he had some grass fox tails on his short fur. I tried to take them out or some of the attendants who were young men, that Shannon had on the show were assistants. They were doing it while I was still holding the big blue male cat. We did lots of things as part of the show. Shannon and I went to places like beaches and amusement parks while the camera crew filmed us.

This dream happened before she got cancer. According to Wikipedia she came down with cancer in 2015. This dream is from 2011. I did not have this blog in 2011, but I kept a dream journal during that time period. My husband had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer on August 13, 2011 which was also my father’s birthday. Now that Shannon has cancer I really wish for more video to remember her by. I did before mention I want more video. I would like a reality show with her. Its too late and it would never happen now. It makes me very sad that the good times of my youth had to end and now we have nothing to look forward to but things like cancer, death and the end of life on earth. By we I mean both Shannon and myself, the best friend she never knew she had.

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