Hugh Laurie Dream

Hugh Laurie Dream
I dreamed Hugh Laurie had been arrested for giving someone an illegal massage.
I may have been confusing Hugh Laurie with Hugh Grant.
Hugh Laurie was in jail, but I visited him and spoke with him extensively. It must have something to do with his upcoming appearance in Golden Gate Park tomorrow at the Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival in San Francisco. I used to live in San Francisco, but I missed him that day at Hardily Strictly Blue Grass. I was baby sitting and the father was not inclined for me to take his son to see Hugh Laurie. Unfortunately I can’t remember what Hugh and I talked about, but I think it was about his legal case and the possibility of him getting out of jail. This must have something to do with the Amanda Knox case. There is no connection, but in the dream I tried to think of how to get him out of jail.

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