Alien Mothership Dream

August 1, 2007

Alien Mothership Dream

I was in a school with my classmates who were my friends in real life, age was not issue to us being at the school together. Then some aliens came down in a mother ship, and they were going to take us away. I may have actually introduced this dream by concentrating on the theme before falling asleep.

Everyone was hysterical and screaming, even me. Then the aliens threw wet blankets on us, and we became calm and euphoric at the same time. We all wanted to go with them on the ship. So, they beamed us on the ship. The blankets were like not over our heads but tucks around us like it like regular blankets and they were not cold in spite of a wet texture.

We got on the ship, and at first, I was of a mind to subvert the aliens in any way possible and look for all the angles by which we could get back to earth, but the longer I stayed there, and it was months or years, the less I became concerned with escaping. I began to follow some of the leads and stories abroad the ship. I may have been a reporter looking for material to publish.

My friends were there, and also some of the aliens had taken human form, but you could always tell the aliens because they attempt to act like humans, but failed to be realistic. I played along with the aliens pretending they were humans to avoid conflict, and never made a statement to betray myself and show that I did not think they were human. As the aliens grew more confident with that, they began to give me leads and information that I wanted.

Normally one might laugh at an alien behaving in such a way, but that never occurred to me in the dream. The joke is why do they bother to act human, when they are so alien, that it is useless to do so. They were not fooling any of us humans.

Now, only you (the human) get this joke, so you can laugh only with your other human friends about it, or laugh to yourself, but the aliens can’t comprehend why you laugh at them. Some aliens get annoyed at this.  But, you have to be very carefully, aliens are extremely touchy, and bound to fly off into the most unpleasant rages, which can result in you being beaten up, so you have to watch that laughing. Aliens can be most unpleasant, but that dream was not like that, probably because I did not feel the desire to laugh at them. Now, if you play the game right, it can be rewarding to have aliens around.

One of the things I was after was cash money, and I don’t know why because we needed no cash on the ship, and in fact, you could not buy anything. Everything you needed was free, and no one had any wants. I had this money, and it was stored in various storage spaces, and also my bicycle was stored. I had secret code numbers to access these spaces, and one was mine, and one belonged to my friend Les. Les was a friend I knew in college and he always wore the same jacket. It was a blue jeans jacket that was filled with many small buttons that were all racial in nature. Here is an example of the jacket with buttons from a museum exhibit at the De Young. I took this photo at the Summer of Love Exhibit at the De Young last year during the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love.

My friend Les with his many buttons

I was constantly communicating with Les in secret about the numbers codes and locations. All of this was so consuming of my mental energy, I had forgotten I was even on a ship, and the dream became less about a ship, and the aliens were less featured as characters.

Marilyn Monroe was on the ship with two other actresses, who were very dressed up, and wearing very high heels, and I was following them around like a kid, to watch Marilyn delivery her lines, and do her comedy in person. She was filming “Some Like It Hot”, but the male actors were not involved in that movie. I was watching her, and thinking I should be able to achieve the same status s she had. I began to worry about her high heels. I did not know if I could walk in such high heels without falling down. Marilyn’s shoes were 6 inch spikes, not that she ever wore those shoes in her life, but in the dream, she was walking in them.  I realize that this Marilyn Monroe must have been a robot or an illusion manufactured by the aliens to keep us from being bored. If we got bored we might be more likely to cause trouble. If the women spent all their time thinking how can I dress up like Marilyn, and be that beautiful, because Marilyn sets an impossible standard, and the men all follow her around, then how can we cause trouble? Marilyn’s dress was candy red instead of hot pink, and very tight.

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