England Vacation Dream

April 29, 2005

I dreamed I had bought a ticket to the United Kingdom for a two week vacation. My flight left at 3pm. I was out somewhere, and noticed the time was 20 minutes to 3, and I was not even packed. I might be able to make it still, I thought. I took a suitcase and put in it the first things, that I found, even though they were the wrong outfits. I swore, I should I packed like a weak early. I don’t know how I made it on the plane, but I did. When we landed, I was tired and wanted to go to the hotel, but England had been divided into two Islands. One had London and it was very drab and grey, and one had the rest of England. I tired to ask the desk lady at the airport which England, I was on now, but she only gave me the run around. I looked at the map to plan my trip. I could see it would be great fun, and I was really happy. I noticed Ireland and Scotland were close enough to visit, and I started exploring. This dream is based on my one time actual trip to London in the 90’s, because I was unable to get out of London due to not having enough time and it being pre internet.

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