Harry Days Of Yor

October 31, 2003 Halloween

To begin my story I have added this Preface.  Here I have a link to a set of photos that I used in this story blog. The link from Pinterest, they may make you log in.

Let us Harken Back to The Harry Days Of Yor

Woodleaf’s Doll to Celebrate the Harry Days of Yor

harry doll of yor

The white head is a sign of plastic decay. The melting process has begun.

“So reign the Will there in its full brutality. Happy we, if we have turned us to the Fields of hoary eld!” by Richard Wagner Art and Religion or Religion and Art

Full Text originally appeared in Bayreuther Blätter Issue for October 1880

Eld means old

Yor Means Yesteryear

Hoary is pronounced whore, means old worn out or the white hairs on a dog muzzle when it is old.

harry dante of yor

Dante on the Beach
In the long ago past before digital cameras there was a dog on the beach



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